what we offer

With the generous support of churches and others in our community, GRACE is able to offer various programs and services to families in Greene County with verifiable needs. GRACE is only as strong as those that support us, and we are very blessed to have the support of so many in our community, enabling us to offer these programs. The programs on this page are all run by the GRACE staff and volunteers


GRACE has an Intake Process and a Verification Process before decisions are made to help a family financially. It does take time to get through this process. We believe in being good stewards of the money our donors have entrusted us with and we believe in teaching good stewardship.

Ways to support this program:
      » Become a case worker-sit with families to complete the Intake Process
      » Become a part of the Wednesday Verification Group that helps make decisions
      » Become a budget counselor
      » Collect/donate household items

GRACE is always looking for volunteers with a variety of talents and skill levels. If you are interested in volunteering, or if you know of a group interested in community service projects, please contact us